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Success! December 6, 2008

Posted by spencerd in PS3, video games, xbox 360.
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I finally beat Raam on Gears of War I about a week ago.  Of course, it was on casual, since I just started playing it when I found it on sale for $27 at target (yeah, I’m a cheapskate gamer!)  I pretty much breezed throught it until I got to the last battle.  After pretty much a full weekend trying to kill that SOB, I was just about to give up and chalk it up to a game that I just couldn’t beat, I decided to go back to the previous chapter and see if maybe Imissed something, try to get more weapons, etc.  I found out that that really wasn’t the case, although I did pick up a couple more shots with the bow, which did come in handy.

Anyway, I’m playing on hardcore now, and I can only imagine how hard it wll be to kill Raam on that.  Well, by that time God of War III may be out for the PS3……..LOL