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Spring Break! April 4, 2009

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Unlike many, I look forward to spring break to catch up on some movies, books, and comics that I don’t get to during the work weeks.  Let’s see:

*build my son’s Vexplorer RC “robot”

*watch the “Tales of the Black Freighter” dvd (watchmen)

*turn one of my machines into a dual boot machine, (xp and ubuntu)

*play guitar hero metallica

*play Web of Shadows

*play horde on GOW2

*see how much a tuneup of my truck ‘s gonna cost

*get Watchmen: the motion comic on my Zune

* finish “The Day of Battle” by rick atkinson

*catch up on comics


Still Ripping……… March 1, 2008

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I’m still ripping music to my Zune.


Black Sabbath: We Sold our Soul for Rock n Roll

Three Day’s Grace: One

The Best of Rainbow

The Killers: Sam’s Town

Rush: Feedback

Pete Townsend: Empty Glass

Queensryche: Live Evolution

Judas Priest: Screaming For Vengeance

Ozzy Osbourne: The Ultimate Sin

AC/DC: If You Want Blood, You’ve Got It


Ipod killer February 22, 2008

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Well, for me, anyway. I bought an 80 gb Zune for $250. Couldn’t be happier with it. I upgrade from an Ipod 20 gig classic model, so I made quite a jump. Apple just didn’t have anything with the storage space I wanted that was affordable to me. I’m not gonna spend $400 bucks on a Mp3 device. What am I impressed with:

1. The screen size was a big draw. I mostly wanted this for music, but having a few pics on there to show will be great.

2. Boot up. Yeah, I’m sure Apple’s new ones do it too, but I like the instant on.

3. The scroll wheel/button. I like the up/down volume control, and the sensitivity of the whole thing.

4. The feel. Yeah, sounds weird, but the case feels really solid and durable.

5. Software. so far, so good. I read some negative reviews about the Zune interface, so I was prepared to go with something else if I didn’t like it, but it’s good enough for anything I need. No complaints that I can see.

6. Earphones. I’m not one of those audio affecionados who have to have $100 earbuds, so these sound great to me. Good bass, and I like how they fit.

I have all my tunes on Itunes, and I’m pretty sure I could figure out a way to just transfer it all on to my Zune, but I’m going to just rip my cd’s onto my laptop. Instead of putting EVERYTHING on it, I’m only going to put the good stuff on this one. Lots of room.

Albums added so far:

Judas Priest- Metalogy

Linkin Park-Minutes to Midnight

Caroline’s Spine-Monsoon

Queensryche-Operation Mindcrime

Rush- Permanent Waves

300 soundtrack

Jethro Tull-The Broadsword and the Beast

BOC-Cultosaurus Erectus

Kid Rock-Devil Without a Cause

Rob Zombie-Hellbilly Deluxe

Led Zeppelin-How the West was Won