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Gears of War Annex May 14, 2009

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Yeah, I know I’m behind the times.  Recently I decided to get an xbox live gold account and try it out.  So I bought a card for 3 months, (and got 13 months!) and started GOW multiplayer.  Wow!  Talk about not knowing what I was missing….LOL.  I am now firmly addicted, counting the minutes until I get out of work so I can play. Annex is my fav right now, probably because of the infinite respawns.



Wolverine May 2, 2009

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Looking forward to the new movie.  Reviews are good, surprisingly.  Gotta hand it to Jackman.  That man knows how to get in shape!

I was never a huge wolvie fan, the whole idea of having unbreakable claws was always seemed pretty…weird to me.  Not that being able to climb walls like a spider or turn your body into flame isn’t.  It’s just the idea of those claws and how they would rip pretty much anyone apart.  Ah well….that’s the fun of comics.

I’ve been pretty addicted all of a sudden to playing Gears of War on Xbox live.  I finally broke down and bought a 3 month card (and it turned out they gave me 13 months for it, anyone know what the catch is?)


Spring Break! April 4, 2009

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Unlike many, I look forward to spring break to catch up on some movies, books, and comics that I don’t get to during the work weeks.  Let’s see:

*build my son’s Vexplorer RC “robot”

*watch the “Tales of the Black Freighter” dvd (watchmen)

*turn one of my machines into a dual boot machine, (xp and ubuntu)

*play guitar hero metallica

*play Web of Shadows

*play horde on GOW2

*see how much a tuneup of my truck ‘s gonna cost

*get Watchmen: the motion comic on my Zune

* finish “The Day of Battle” by rick atkinson

*catch up on comics

Christmas break! December 24, 2008

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yeah, gotta love this time of year.  I actually have time to play some games.  I’m re-playing Gears 1 on hardcore.  It’s actually a bit faster, since I’m familiar with the game, although some scenarios are a real beetch.   A game I’m looking into is Little Big Planet for my PS3.  It’s got great reviews, and it looks like a cool game for my son and I to play together.  (Wish I would have thought of it before I already bought a shitload of stuff for him for Christmas 🙂

Anyway, I haven’t played Chrysis much, it’s just so much easier to fire up my Xbox and play gears.   Maybe after I’m done with gears 1.

Success! December 6, 2008

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I finally beat Raam on Gears of War I about a week ago.  Of course, it was on casual, since I just started playing it when I found it on sale for $27 at target (yeah, I’m a cheapskate gamer!)  I pretty much breezed throught it until I got to the last battle.  After pretty much a full weekend trying to kill that SOB, I was just about to give up and chalk it up to a game that I just couldn’t beat, I decided to go back to the previous chapter and see if maybe Imissed something, try to get more weapons, etc.  I found out that that really wasn’t the case, although I did pick up a couple more shots with the bow, which did come in handy.

Anyway, I’m playing on hardcore now, and I can only imagine how hard it wll be to kill Raam on that.  Well, by that time God of War III may be out for the PS3……..LOL

Viking August 5, 2008

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I saw this game in a comic-book ad, and since I’m a fan of norse mythology, like 3rd person medieval-type games, I bought it.  I read a bad review of it on some game site, but in my opinion, it’s been a really good game.  I’m far from done with it, but the basic jist is you are a warrior trying to reclaim land from the evil “Legion.”  You have to sneak into enemy camps, caves, etc, find mystic amulets for controlling dragons, and then fight big battles when you’ve recruited enough armymen.  The AI is pretty amazing, cuz’ if enemy soldiers spot you in the wrong place, you’re done.   If you like God of War or Conan, you could do much worse than this game.

Too Human July 30, 2008

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I’m anxiously awaiting this game, and that comes from someone who, I don’t think, has bought a full-priced game ever.  (I like to wait for the used ones and the cut prices).  This one, tho’, I may make an exception for.  Sounds like it’s got 2 things I love, sci-fi and Norse mythology.

Too Cool!

Too Cool!


I downloaded the preview last night, and my son’s playing it right now (as usual, he’s already better than me).

Took me awhile to get used to the weapon deployment, but other than that, it is a really cool amalgamation of mythology and futuristic sci-fi.

Technology Slut July 20, 2008

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yes I am.  Bought a PS3 today.  So gaming for the next couple of years is all set, at least for my household.  It was pretty funny when my son and I were setting up the PS3, it asked “what other gaming systems do you own?”

We checked every one, except the original Xbox.  Yeah, we have a Wii, Xbox 360, DS lite, PSP, Gameboy Advance, and now a PS3.  Along with 2 laptops, 2 Windows desktops, and a Linux machine.

I’m not bragging.  Actually it’s slightly embarrassing.

Oh well, some guys are into boating.  Hunting.  or cars.  Me, I’m a technology slut (as my wife calls me).  That would have been a great name for a website, or this blog.  🙂

Any way, we got the MGS4 bundle, and it’s cool.  Yeah, I know that the price is gonna get cut soon.  The problem is, I wanted to make sure that it was backward-compatible with our PS2 games (oh yeah, forgot, we have one of those too.  🙂  From what I’ve read, the new 80 gb models will NOT be backward-compatible.  I think Sony is going to be ending the PS2 platform, and that’s one way to hasten it. Makes sense, as the PS2 hardware just won’t be able to handle the new games.  So far, my impression is pretty positive.  Games look absolutely great, even the old PS2 ones.  Everyone looks at the price, but when you just figure in the wireless connectivity that comes built in, then I remember paying $100 for a wireless adapter for the Xbox360, well, right there you have about the same price.  The interface is OK, and I like the skins better on the PS3 than the xbox.  You can actually see them.  It is pretty obvious that Sony designed this console to be pretty forward-thinking, and I do think that it is just hitting it’s stride.  I can’t really say which system I like better, I’m glad I have both!  The countdown to GOD of WAR III begins!

Hellboy July 17, 2008

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Gonna go see it soon, now that the first weekend is over (I hate crowded theaters).  For the heck of it, I watched the original tonight with my son.  It really was well-done, especially if you’ve read the comic.  Comics have really taken over the movieplex, and that’s a good thing.

I see sony is gonna drop the price of the PS3, and I’m interested.  I like the idea of getting the blu-ray player with it.  Don’t know if I can wait for the price drop, since it looks like the price drop also means the new ones won’t be backward-compatible, and that’s a biggie for me.  God of War 1 & II would look good on my big screen.

On the gaming note, I finally started playing Viking, an Xbox360 game.  After reading a couple of reviews, I wasn’t expecting too much (bought it on sale for 30 bucks), but I really like it.  It is amazing some of the stuff you can do.  I’m finding more and more of the critics reviews don’t go with what I end up liking.  Maybe it’s because I’m no expert at gaming.   Or maybe because the technology is so much more amazing than what people give credit for……to think of the processing power these machines have…..wow.

Mitra! February 18, 2008

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Finished Conan on “medium” mode. Started it again on “hard” mode. Even tho’ there are many more enemies to kill and the bosses are tougher, it’s actually easier now. Knowing moves, weapons, strategies, makes it much more fun and actually easier in many ways. I love this game! Some might quibble about the magic armor, or the villain not being Thoth-Amon, but they have truly captured the spirit of REH’s character. A well-spent $40.