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The Force Unleashed September 9, 2008

Posted by spencerd in science fiction, video games, wii.
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Wow, I’ve been so busy with school I’ve just about forgotten about this blog. (No big deal, since I don’t get many visitors anyway, hahaha).  My son and I are pretty excited about The Force Unleashed video game that comes out next week.  We downloaded a demo of it on the PS3, and it’s pretty cool.  I think we are going to get the Wii version, since I’ve read that you get some more levels and a “duel” mode.  Yes, I know the graphics won’t be as pretty, but we don’t mind that on may games we get for the Wii.   On another gaming note, I did buy a used copy of Heavenly Sword for my PS3, and I’ve only played a littel of it, but wow, is that a good looking game!