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The Force Unleashed September 9, 2008

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Wow, I’ve been so busy with school I’ve just about forgotten about this blog. (No big deal, since I don’t get many visitors anyway, hahaha).  My son and I are pretty excited about The Force Unleashed video game that comes out next week.  We downloaded a demo of it on the PS3, and it’s pretty cool.  I think we are going to get the Wii version, since I’ve read that you get some more levels and a “duel” mode.  Yes, I know the graphics won’t be as pretty, but we don’t mind that on may games we get for the Wii.   On another gaming note, I did buy a used copy of Heavenly Sword for my PS3, and I’ve only played a littel of it, but wow, is that a good looking game!


Viking August 5, 2008

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I saw this game in a comic-book ad, and since I’m a fan of norse mythology, like 3rd person medieval-type games, I bought it.  I read a bad review of it on some game site, but in my opinion, it’s been a really good game.  I’m far from done with it, but the basic jist is you are a warrior trying to reclaim land from the evil “Legion.”  You have to sneak into enemy camps, caves, etc, find mystic amulets for controlling dragons, and then fight big battles when you’ve recruited enough armymen.  The AI is pretty amazing, cuz’ if enemy soldiers spot you in the wrong place, you’re done.   If you like God of War or Conan, you could do much worse than this game.

Too Human July 30, 2008

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I’m anxiously awaiting this game, and that comes from someone who, I don’t think, has bought a full-priced game ever.  (I like to wait for the used ones and the cut prices).  This one, tho’, I may make an exception for.  Sounds like it’s got 2 things I love, sci-fi and Norse mythology.

Too Cool!

Too Cool!


I downloaded the preview last night, and my son’s playing it right now (as usual, he’s already better than me).

Took me awhile to get used to the weapon deployment, but other than that, it is a really cool amalgamation of mythology and futuristic sci-fi.

God of War June 9, 2008

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Picked up the new PSP with the God of War theme.  It’s cool.  After seeing some of my students demonstrate the PSP, I thought, “hey, I think I would really like one of those.”  Since God of War is my fav video game, I waited until it came out this past week.  Very pleased with it.  Chains of Olympus, the latest edition of the GOW franchise, is pretty cool so far.  I wasn’t sure I would like playing a game like this on a small screen, but the game designers have really outdone themselves.  I put a few videos and some music on it, although that process is not for a newbie.  My only complaint is it didn’t come with any removable memory, which meant you couldn’t save anything until you got some.  I know, a minor complaint, but I would rather have had some memory than the “Superbad” movie that came with it.  Speaking of that, Sony should have bundled the movie “300” with this package.  Now that would have been cool!