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God of War III March 24, 2010

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The game that got me into video games.  God of War.  I pre-ordered it and started it last week.  I usually get about 1-2 hrs a night when I have a game I really want to play, so I’ve been at it.  Right now I think I’m about 1/2 through it, just beat the crap out of Helios and am trying to find my way around in a dark cave 😮

Yeah, I’m not a hard-core gamer, but I will give you my take on this one:  The best thing is that they really didn’t try to “change” the game.  Yeah, it’s a helluva lot prettier and grosser, but at it’s core it’s the same game, just part 3, and I like that.  Don’t mess with a good (great) thing.  Now, there are quite a few new things, like weapons and such, so don’t think that it’s boring.  On the contrary, it’s awesome.

If they can do this, they can make an epic Thor game.  I know they can.  of course, he can’t be a badass like kratos, cuz of the whole marvel thing.  Oh well…


Spring Break! April 4, 2009

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Unlike many, I look forward to spring break to catch up on some movies, books, and comics that I don’t get to during the work weeks.  Let’s see:

*build my son’s Vexplorer RC “robot”

*watch the “Tales of the Black Freighter” dvd (watchmen)

*turn one of my machines into a dual boot machine, (xp and ubuntu)

*play guitar hero metallica

*play Web of Shadows

*play horde on GOW2

*see how much a tuneup of my truck ‘s gonna cost

*get Watchmen: the motion comic on my Zune

* finish “The Day of Battle” by rick atkinson

*catch up on comics

Little Big Planet January 1, 2009

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Just bought this game for our PS3.  Pretty cool so far, my son’s been playing it for a couple of hours now.

I’ve been looking for a game that my son & wife and I can all enjoy and play.  This looks like it might be it.  On that note, it has been pretty evident to me why the PS3 hasn’t been as big as the xbox and wii.  It’s the lack of games for young kids and women.

Christmas break! December 24, 2008

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yeah, gotta love this time of year.  I actually have time to play some games.  I’m re-playing Gears 1 on hardcore.  It’s actually a bit faster, since I’m familiar with the game, although some scenarios are a real beetch.   A game I’m looking into is Little Big Planet for my PS3.  It’s got great reviews, and it looks like a cool game for my son and I to play together.  (Wish I would have thought of it before I already bought a shitload of stuff for him for Christmas 🙂

Anyway, I haven’t played Chrysis much, it’s just so much easier to fire up my Xbox and play gears.   Maybe after I’m done with gears 1.

Success! December 6, 2008

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I finally beat Raam on Gears of War I about a week ago.  Of course, it was on casual, since I just started playing it when I found it on sale for $27 at target (yeah, I’m a cheapskate gamer!)  I pretty much breezed throught it until I got to the last battle.  After pretty much a full weekend trying to kill that SOB, I was just about to give up and chalk it up to a game that I just couldn’t beat, I decided to go back to the previous chapter and see if maybe Imissed something, try to get more weapons, etc.  I found out that that really wasn’t the case, although I did pick up a couple more shots with the bow, which did come in handy.

Anyway, I’m playing on hardcore now, and I can only imagine how hard it wll be to kill Raam on that.  Well, by that time God of War III may be out for the PS3……..LOL

Technology Slut July 20, 2008

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yes I am.  Bought a PS3 today.  So gaming for the next couple of years is all set, at least for my household.  It was pretty funny when my son and I were setting up the PS3, it asked “what other gaming systems do you own?”

We checked every one, except the original Xbox.  Yeah, we have a Wii, Xbox 360, DS lite, PSP, Gameboy Advance, and now a PS3.  Along with 2 laptops, 2 Windows desktops, and a Linux machine.

I’m not bragging.  Actually it’s slightly embarrassing.

Oh well, some guys are into boating.  Hunting.  or cars.  Me, I’m a technology slut (as my wife calls me).  That would have been a great name for a website, or this blog.  🙂

Any way, we got the MGS4 bundle, and it’s cool.  Yeah, I know that the price is gonna get cut soon.  The problem is, I wanted to make sure that it was backward-compatible with our PS2 games (oh yeah, forgot, we have one of those too.  🙂  From what I’ve read, the new 80 gb models will NOT be backward-compatible.  I think Sony is going to be ending the PS2 platform, and that’s one way to hasten it. Makes sense, as the PS2 hardware just won’t be able to handle the new games.  So far, my impression is pretty positive.  Games look absolutely great, even the old PS2 ones.  Everyone looks at the price, but when you just figure in the wireless connectivity that comes built in, then I remember paying $100 for a wireless adapter for the Xbox360, well, right there you have about the same price.  The interface is OK, and I like the skins better on the PS3 than the xbox.  You can actually see them.  It is pretty obvious that Sony designed this console to be pretty forward-thinking, and I do think that it is just hitting it’s stride.  I can’t really say which system I like better, I’m glad I have both!  The countdown to GOD of WAR III begins!