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Iron Man 2 May 26, 2010

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Hey, along with a zillion other people I have to post my opinion:

I loved it!  I thought it was great. Imagine, a movie that my ten-yr old son and I both really enjoyed.  How cool is that?

And the Thor easter egg, that was really cool.   A lot of my hs students thought that there wasn’t enough fighting, and I can see that as a valid criticism, seeing that whiplash was defeated pretty quickly. But the groundwork being laid, and all the little things, like cap’s shield, etc., are a fanboys’ dream.  Congrats to the filmmakers, they, along with the batman franchise, have gotten comic movies right.


Kick-Ass May 3, 2010

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Finally went and saw it, (with about 10 other people in the theater, just like I like it).  Outstanding.  A great adaptation, very well done.   Yes, Hit-Girls steals the show, (just like she does in the comic), but Cage’s Big Daddy was just excellent.  His whole nod to Adam West’s Batman was great, not too over the top where the young kids will get it, but just enough for us old-time fans.  Some of the sequences were just brutal, and not just the shooting/knifing sequences, but the whole collision-type of special effects were…startling, and actually make you wince and even jump a bit out of your seat.  Bravo to everyone involved.  Watch how many copies this sells on dvd.  I’d bet it will be a big seller.

Book of Eli April 8, 2010

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I went and saw this in the theater the other day, (we have a cheap theater that shows moves that have been out for a few months, usually ones that didn’t do that great at the box office) and I thoroughly enjoyed it.  A post-apocalyptic flick centering on a lonely stranger walking across the blasted landscape dealing with the typical cannibals and associated road warrior-types, who happens to run afoul of a bad guy who wants what he’s got.  In this case, it’s supposedly the last copy of the bible.

What I really liked:  the main idea that the bible is a powerful tool, whether you want to enslave mankind, or free it.

What I really disliked:  getting shot in the gut, and being able to survive for days?  Then again, maybe you have to look at it as the lead character being a mythic creature, on a mission from God?

Regardless, it is a good flick, very entertaining.  Denzel does his usual excellent job, and the chick from “That 70”s show” does alright also.  Gary Oldman is, as always, a great bad guy.

Kick-Ass March 16, 2010

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I bought this comic on a whim, didn’t know much about it, other than JR jr. was a good artist, and millar, well, he’s millar.  I enjoyed Wanted, dislike the movie, and read a few of his other stuff from Marvel.  When I saw they were going to make this a movie, I figured it would be some sort of two-bit fanboy movie.  Then I saw a couple of the trailers and realized, this is going to be  a big hit.  It’s so over the top, that it’s going to really do some box-office mojo.  Sure, like Watchmen, it’s going to be pretty foreign to non-comic geeks, but who the hell cares?  It’s made for us!

The Pacific March 14, 2010

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Gettin’ jazzed for the premiere of  “The Pacific” tonight on HBO.  I’ve been following the development of this for quite awhile.  I’ve always wanted hollywood to do something on the pacific war with the japanese, and I think they’ve always shied away from it because of the brutality and the whole nastiness of it.   Also, there’s a lot of racism about it, given the nature of the enemies.  Hooray for HBO!  Good thing I already watched this week’s “Spartacus” on fri night.

One of the books they used (& characters) is E.B.Sledge’s book, “With The Old    Breed at Pelileu and Okinawa.”  A great book.  It was actually written pretty much as a diary.  It wasn’t until years later that his kids convinced him to turn it into a book.

The Omega Man February 8, 2009

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One of my fav films from my childhood was/is “The Omega Man,” starring Charlton Heston as Dr. Robert Neville.  For kicks, I bought it on blu-ray for 12 bucks or something like that.  It was cool seeing it in such clarity, especially the downtown scenes.  I have to admit, though, that the scenes with “The Family” at night and in their hive were TOO clear!  it takes away from some of the mysteriousness of the film.  Anyway,  I thought I would post why this movie, as 70’ish as it may be, is a superior film to “I am Legend,” that came out last year.

1.  The idea that the mutants are simply people who are slowly dying from radiation sickness and can’t stand the light is much more believable than cartoon super-zombies who can move like the flash,

2. Finding Rosalind Cash in the store is much more life-like and believable than a woman just happening to find you when you’re about to get killed by zombies.

3. The woodstock scene says more about what the movie is trying to say than anything in the Smith movie.

4. The final Christ image is more powerful than anything in the Smith movie, although I am glad they didn’t try to replicate it.

There you have it.  My expert opinion.


The Clone Wars August 17, 2008

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Took my son and a buddy of his to see it on Friday.  I was pleasantly surprised it wasn’t too packed (at all).  I hate crowded theaters, although for young kids, that’s kinda the fun of it.  As far as the movie goes, it was good.  Lots of action from start to finish, and I was glad to see that they didn’t water down the fighting too much.  While I don’t want my son to see lots of blood and gore, even though it’s a fantasy movie, I do like it that the war scenes actually showed some soldiers getting wounded or killed.   I know, sounds kind of crazy, but I think even with video games and such, it’s important to remember that in real life, shooting & war is pretty ugly.  Anyway, about the movie:  the animation is great, and like Beowulf, there were a couple of times where I forgot I was watching an animated movie.  A great addition to the Star Wars stories for the 8-15 yr old crowd (not that 45 yr old dudes like me can’t enjoy it).

Hellboy July 17, 2008

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Gonna go see it soon, now that the first weekend is over (I hate crowded theaters).  For the heck of it, I watched the original tonight with my son.  It really was well-done, especially if you’ve read the comic.  Comics have really taken over the movieplex, and that’s a good thing.

I see sony is gonna drop the price of the PS3, and I’m interested.  I like the idea of getting the blu-ray player with it.  Don’t know if I can wait for the price drop, since it looks like the price drop also means the new ones won’t be backward-compatible, and that’s a biggie for me.  God of War 1 & II would look good on my big screen.

On the gaming note, I finally started playing Viking, an Xbox360 game.  After reading a couple of reviews, I wasn’t expecting too much (bought it on sale for 30 bucks), but I really like it.  It is amazing some of the stuff you can do.  I’m finding more and more of the critics reviews don’t go with what I end up liking.  Maybe it’s because I’m no expert at gaming.   Or maybe because the technology is so much more amazing than what people give credit for……to think of the processing power these machines have…..wow.

“The Mist” April 12, 2008

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I watched “The Mist” last night, having read the novella years ago. Pretty decent flick, good acting and pretty tense in parts. I’m sure many who saw this just looked at it as dinosaurs invade, which is my only real complaint about the film. As I remember, King’s story was kind of a homage to H.P. Lovecraft and his Cthulhu myths, which I read years ago also. The tentacle scene evoked some imagery of that, but everything else was pretty much a dinosaur or insect thing. I know, it’s a minor quibble, and most don’t even know what I’m talking about when I mention Cthulhu, but I do think it’s my only major complaint when it comes to the movie. Of course, the real monsters in the movie aren’t the monsters, and I remember that being one of the focal points of the story also. Marcia-Gaye Hardin, or whatever her name is, did a nice job as the religious wacko. I don’t remember if the ending of the story is the same as the book, but it is quite an ending. If you haven’t seen it, and you like tense horror films, you could do much worse. I give it 3 out of 5 hammers.

New Terminator movie(s) February 26, 2008

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I just read somewhere that Christian Bale is signed to star in a new Terminator movie. It actually said that it will be 3 movies, I guess like LOTR. Sounds cool to me. Not a lot of info on it, but supposedly Bale is going to star as John Conner, who organizes the resistance after the nuclear war.