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Avengers #67 March 1, 2014

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avengers67Latest additon: Avengers 67 from 1969. I think it’s the 2nd appearance of Ultron. Picked it up cheap on Ebay, looks to me like about a 60-6.5. Looks great for about 45 years old! I read it the other night, this was the beginning of the era where Roy Thomas was doing a lot of writing, and Stan had become the editor. Early Barry Smith art in this issue, too. Surprised it’s not selling for more. Good for me!


Iron Man 2 May 26, 2010

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Hey, along with a zillion other people I have to post my opinion:

I loved it!  I thought it was great. Imagine, a movie that my ten-yr old son and I both really enjoyed.  How cool is that?

And the Thor easter egg, that was really cool.   A lot of my hs students thought that there wasn’t enough fighting, and I can see that as a valid criticism, seeing that whiplash was defeated pretty quickly. But the groundwork being laid, and all the little things, like cap’s shield, etc., are a fanboys’ dream.  Congrats to the filmmakers, they, along with the batman franchise, have gotten comic movies right.

Super-hero storyline of the year April 3, 2010

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It’s amusing to me that lately, I’ve been buying  a lot of the traditional marvel superhero comics that I haven’t read in years.   I hadn’t read cap, thor, or iron man in years.  And my youthful fav, Spider-Man?  not a chance.  I missed all the clone stuff, the MJ wedding stuff, etc.  For a reason I can’t remember, I picked up the Cap relaunch a few years ago, and I guess good writing wins out, because since then I’ve been reading Thor, Cap, Iron Man faithfully, and found them all to be very good.   Now, I’ve even jumped on Amazing Spider-Man, and so far, so good.

I still read my more adult stuff, like Hellblazer, and most anything by Ellis, but I guess Marvel, and DC, to a certain extent, is doing a good job of bringing us long-time readers back into the fray.  That said, I have to say that the best storyline I’ve followed over the last couple of years has to be Iron Man.  “World’s Most Wanted” was very well done, and reminded me why I like reading comics month-to-month, instead of just buying the trade.  I remember feeling the same way when Stephen King published “The Green Mile” in serial form.    The whole segue from Civil War to director of Shield to wanted man was really well done.  I don’t know if Iron Man will continue to be this good, (especially with the movie coming out, which tends to ruin the comic, even if the movie is great), but it has been a great run.

2nd place:  Thor.  The whole “how do we return Thor to the marvel universe” has been very good.   Straczynski really did a nice job.  Hope the movie is half as good!