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Viking August 5, 2008

Posted by spencerd in conan, thor, video games, xbox 360.
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I saw this game in a comic-book ad, and since I’m a fan of norse mythology, like 3rd person medieval-type games, I bought it.  I read a bad review of it on some game site, but in my opinion, it’s been a really good game.  I’m far from done with it, but the basic jist is you are a warrior trying to reclaim land from the evil “Legion.”  You have to sneak into enemy camps, caves, etc, find mystic amulets for controlling dragons, and then fight big battles when you’ve recruited enough armymen.  The AI is pretty amazing, cuz’ if enemy soldiers spot you in the wrong place, you’re done.   If you like God of War or Conan, you could do much worse than this game.


Mitra! February 18, 2008

Posted by spencerd in conan, xbox 360.
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Finished Conan on “medium” mode. Started it again on “hard” mode. Even tho’ there are many more enemies to kill and the bosses are tougher, it’s actually easier now. Knowing moves, weapons, strategies, makes it much more fun and actually easier in many ways. I love this game! Some might quibble about the magic armor, or the villain not being Thoth-Amon, but they have truly captured the spirit of REH’s character. A well-spent $40.


Crom! January 21, 2008

Posted by spencerd in conan.
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This game is very, very cool!  I am already addicted.  The spirit of Conan is captured well, and for my first Xbox game, I have to believe that some others like it too.

One of the things I like about it is you see the full character, it’s not just a 1st-person shooter, which many times give me a headache.  So far I’ve gotten past the pirates and the dragon, and right now I’m setting fire to some huts and battling barbarians. (the chicks are cool, too.  Great eye candy!)

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