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I’m a 50 yr old high school teacher. This blog is pretty much dedicated to a hobby of mine, collecting Marvel comics from my youth, many of which I casually threw into a big barrel in my adolescence…All you’ll see on here are some various issues from the 12 cent-to- 20 cent range…The bronze age of comics.  Mostly Marvel, because, well, that’s what I was reading long before they become billion-dollar movie franchises.
Praise be to Odin!hammer1.jpg



1. spencerd - August 16, 2006


The Twilight Zone
College & Pro Football
Black Sabbath
Judas Priest
Historical Fiction
The Outer Limits
Frank Miller
Warren Ellis
Marvel Comics
DC Comics
Conan the Barbarian

2. themdcm - January 15, 2008

Hey buddy I was just wondering if you would like to exchange blog links. My blog is at MDCMBlog.com It’s a Web cartoon series. Just figured we could help out each other. E-mail me back thanks.

3. Phil - March 4, 2009

The might Thor!! Why cant there be more movies/stories about vikings!! Looking forward to seeing Outlander!!

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