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C2E2 April 19, 2010

Posted by spencerd in comics/graphics, DC, marvel, The Mighty Thor.
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Went to my first comic convention in a long time…back from when before they weren’t just a bunch of dealers in a warehouse.  I always said I was going to get to one of the big ones, but California is a bit far away…anyway, I took my wife and son to Chicago for the weekend to check out the C2E2 convention at the McCormick Place.  I enjoyed myself immensely, and so did my son.  Big mistake bringing the wife. After 2 hrs she was done with it.  I wish I could have had another day.  Picked up a couple of posters (Thor and a cool copy of Spidey #122), two t-shirts, Thing and Thor, a couple of graphic novels (Crecy by warren ellis, and First Class x-men book),  and a few other trinkets.  I wanted to get a new statue, but didn’t really run across anything in my price range that I really wanted.  Saw a new Marvel Select Thing figure that I will be pre-ordering.

I’m not big on autographs, but I did consider getting in line for Garth Ennis, one of the craziest and best writers out there.  Only thought about it for a moment, however, especially after I looked at the line.  I didn’t go to any of the panels, that’s another thing I’ll be doing the next time I’m at one of these (by myself?).

One of the main reasons I really wanted to go to this one was that it was a real COMIC-BOOK convention, not a hollywood-type thing.  Lots of dealers on hand with lots of long boxes to investigate.  Only thing I bought was a Fine copy of Thor 177, a book I fondly remember from another lifetime ago.

in fact, that will make a fine Random Thor cover:



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