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Book of Eli April 8, 2010

Posted by spencerd in movies/tv, science fiction.
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I went and saw this in the theater the other day, (we have a cheap theater that shows moves that have been out for a few months, usually ones that didn’t do that great at the box office) and I thoroughly enjoyed it.  A post-apocalyptic flick centering on a lonely stranger walking across the blasted landscape dealing with the typical cannibals and associated road warrior-types, who happens to run afoul of a bad guy who wants what he’s got.  In this case, it’s supposedly the last copy of the bible.

What I really liked:  the main idea that the bible is a powerful tool, whether you want to enslave mankind, or free it.

What I really disliked:  getting shot in the gut, and being able to survive for days?  Then again, maybe you have to look at it as the lead character being a mythic creature, on a mission from God?

Regardless, it is a good flick, very entertaining.  Denzel does his usual excellent job, and the chick from “That 70”s show” does alright also.  Gary Oldman is, as always, a great bad guy.



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