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Kick-Ass March 16, 2010

Posted by spencerd in comics/graphics, marvel, movies/tv.
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I bought this comic on a whim, didn’t know much about it, other than JR jr. was a good artist, and millar, well, he’s millar.  I enjoyed Wanted, dislike the movie, and read a few of his other stuff from Marvel.  When I saw they were going to make this a movie, I figured it would be some sort of two-bit fanboy movie.  Then I saw a couple of the trailers and realized, this is going to be  a big hit.  It’s so over the top, that it’s going to really do some box-office mojo.  Sure, like Watchmen, it’s going to be pretty foreign to non-comic geeks, but who the hell cares?  It’s made for us!



1. Brent Alles - March 16, 2010

Millar has always been hit and miss for me (Civil War was a BIG misfire, IMO), but I did enjoy Kick Ass.

And he did craft one of the best Captain America lines ever, in the Ultimates: “Surrender? YOU THINK THIS ‘A’ STANDS FOR FRANCE?” Awesome. 🙂

spencerd - March 17, 2010

hey brent- thanks for the only comment i’ve had, haha

actually,l forgot about this blog for awhile, so it’ gonna take some doing to keep it going…Civil war might not have been great, but hey, trying to come up with things for these characters to do after 70 yrs is gotta be pretty tough…LOLO

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