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Spider-Man March 6, 2010

Posted by spencerd in comics/graphics.

I grew up reading Spider-Man.  He was my fav from age 6 (i think) and I went through all the battles with Doc Ock, Shocker, Vulture, and the Green Goblin, among a multitude of others.  The death of  Gwen, which was a shocker because nobody got killed in comics in those days, and the inevitable team-ups were all part of some great reading.  Around #150, I think, I stopped reading, and except for the occasional special issue, I never really followed Spidey anymore, even during the mcfarlane years.  I did keep reading comics, especially starting back up in college.  X-Men, Batman, and some of the more adult titles like Hellblazer were where all my coin went.  I laughed at the whole clone thing and all the other gimmicks.

Well, this week I bought my first Spider-Man in quite awhile (not counting the black 9-11 issue),  partly because of the cover, and the writer, Mark Waid.  A guy who could write Kingdom Come, I figured, deserved a chance to see what he could do with Spidey.

Opinion:  The storyline was good, with the attempt to return PP to his roots.  Can’t say the same about the artwork.  Trying to re-create a Ditko look, I didn’t care for it.  But since I follow characters more due to writers, I’m gonna give it a few issues.



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