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I watched the Watchmen! March 22, 2009

Posted by spencerd in comics/graphics.

And it was excellent.  Very well done.  Stayed true to the spirit and the characterization of the graphic novel.  Casting was damn near perfect.  I loved it and will see it again at the local IMAX.  I personally like the ending change.  More realistic and modern day.  My only fear came true, as it was too much for the ordinary film-goer, and thus didn’t make enough $$.  This will scare hollywood.




1. Tim H - March 22, 2009

I am incredibly jealous that you’re going to see it in IMAX. The closest IMAX to me is probably 2 hours away =(

2. Tim H - March 22, 2009

Oh, and I don’t think it will scare hollywood so much, they’ll just go back to what is a comfortable, winning formula for them, make Marvel movies while under-representing the character flaws. They’ll continue making marvel movies because they’re easy and they have good, east to identify villains… Actually, that strikes me as a great topic to write about, thanks! lol.
Back on topic, superhero movies sell, and the subject material is pretty much already there, we just won’t see anything as adventurous or daring as Watchmen.

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