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No Hero October 4, 2008

Posted by spencerd in comics/graphics.
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Just finished reading Ellis’ “No Hero” #1.  I picked up the zero issue, and was pretty intrigued by it.  #1 is pretty much just a rendition of the guy getting recruited by Masterson (i think that’s his name), who invented some drug that will give you superhuman powers, albeit with some type of trade-off.  Obviously this is a play on steroids, where even if you tell a young guy he will get brain cancer from using them, some will still use them to try to get to the “big time.”

Comics, as always, reflect the times we live in.  I find it interesting that many of today’s are about people who WANT to be noticed, have powers, etc.  as opposed to many of the earlier (think Marvel) heroes who accidently got powers that were almost a curse.  I suppose it’s the media-obsessed world we live in, where everybody wants attention.



1. Mike Rapin - October 5, 2008

Warren Ellis…. is a god.

2. spencerd - October 6, 2008

yeah, he’s pretty good, I’m with ya on that. I like his non-superhero stuff best, like Fell.

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