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New Terminator movie(s) February 26, 2008

Posted by spencerd in movies/tv.

I just read somewhere that Christian Bale is signed to star in a new Terminator movie. It actually said that it will be 3 movies, I guess like LOTR. Sounds cool to me. Not a lot of info on it, but supposedly Bale is going to star as John Conner, who organizes the resistance after the nuclear war.




1. dylan555 - February 26, 2008

I read that as well. It sounds like it could be awesome.

2. Rey - March 2, 2008

Yep, I’m definitely looking forward to this one.

Didn’t know they might turn it into a trilogy. I just hope the writers and director are as inspired as James Cameron was. I’d even be happy if the team working on the “Sarah Connor Chronicles” is able to lend a hand with the new movie(s). I kind of hope they would.

3. No Point just Computers - March 13, 2008

arent they really playing these sequels to death? I mean really??? John Conner is the savior of man kind…right? yet he got killed by a Terminator…and his girlfriend/wife took over…i guess? but you don’t hear anything about his wife or the people that helped and the”Chronicles” man how much “CONFUSING” can people take? first it was difficult to go back in time,now it’s like going to the gas station and getting a cup of coffee…as much damage as the”family” does you would think that they have changed time,but in fact prolonged it…it’s going to happen regardless…what’s really going on…James Cameron was right not to touch this with a Ten Hundred Foot Pole!!!! granted the special effects will probably off tha chain…but really!!!both main characters died…oops! except in the Televison show….but come on! yeah i will probably WASTE $7.50…ummm…$20.00 i forgot my son(8yrs) will go “Co-Co for Co-Co puffs” just to see things go “Boom” just to say to me “Dad!, did you see that? now that was cool!”…all i am saying they weren’t successful before…so let the story line do what the Terminators are programmed to do…KILL!!!!!

4. Rey - March 15, 2008

Nothing like a good hearty rant! True, terminators appear to be just a bunch of computers that make things go “boom.” And I suppose that can get dull, with no literary merit at all.

But there is something fascinating about computers going insane. It happened in “2001: A Space Oddity”… Hal, a computer on a space station, terrorizes its human crew. Random quirks accumulate, looking at first like glitches in the system. But soon a pattern emerges. The computer starts controlling these “random quirks”…and in the process it becomes self-aware. Almost human.

Cameron, the terminator from the “Sarah Connor Chronicles,” shows these same symptoms. It’s frightening to watch.

So far, the terminator movies and stories have merely postponed the inevitable. Yes, robots will take over. The leader of humankind John Connor will die.

But what we haven’t gotten yet is how will humankind ever triumph? Will there ever be a peaceful equilibrium? A truce between people and self-aware computers? Hopefully, the movies will address these questions with equal parts action and ingenuity.

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