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Astonishing November 15, 2007

Posted by spencerd in Uncategorized.

Astonishing X-men is the best marvel book out there, in my humble opinion. The latest issue really showcased what a good writer Whedon is. (Those guys have my support on that picket line!)

Probably the best thing I like is he’s bringing Cyclops back to where he belongs. Over the past 10 or so years, I’ve really gotten kind of sick of what a wimp he’s been made of, and I think that’s kinda what Whedon’s been thinking. Granted, I stopped reading the regular X-books years ago, but this guy’s been around. He’s smart, and those eyebeams of his used to be described as able to “level mountains.” Enough of the “woe-is-me” crap.

Well, he’s back. Hopefully he stays that way.




1. dylan555 - January 7, 2008

To be honest, it’s also the ONLY X-Book worth reading right now. The rest are a mess. Too many characters, too many sub-plots, too little focus.

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