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Required viewing October 22, 2007

Posted by spencerd in science fiction.

Well, it should be anyway.  I’m talking about the documentary I saw today, “The Shadow of the Moon.”  It’s a showcase of some of the twelve men who actually walked on the moon.  Pretty funny, and definitely poignant.  A couple of times I was pretty misty-eyed.  Overall, probably the biggest emotion besides pride is sorrow.  Sorrow that so many in our society don’t understand what a monumental accomplishment it was, and sorrow for the fact that we pretty much just stopped, right when we were getting good at it.  To think of the billions wasted in Iraq every month, and what that money could have been used for……ah.

There’s quite a bit of humor in the movie, from Mike Collins talking about being “alone” in the command module, to Buzz Aldrin taking the first piss on the lunar surface.  Go check it out, or at least get it on DVD when it comes out.



1. spencerd - October 22, 2007

curious to see how comments display. since it looks like pretty slim pickens, i guess I’ll have to do it.

2. Douglas Keachie - October 29, 2007

100% the way I feel about our largely abandoned space program. We reached so far, 228,000 miles and now we barely touch 300 miles up from time to time. I wouldn’t be surprised to see China pull as fast one and get somebody to Mars first, soon, and claim the whole darn thing, powered by Walmart and Home Depot dollars..

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