Fantastic Four #257

More post-bronze age than most of the stuff I collect and put on here, but the John Byrne FF run ranks up there with the best of them…so quite deserving.  This is early 80’s stuff, circa 1983.  FF done right.

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Avengers #67

Latest additon: Avengers 67 from 1969. I think it’s the 2nd appearance of Ultron. Picked it up cheap on Ebay, looks to me like about a 60-6.5. Looks great for about 45 years old! I read it the other night, this was the beginning of the era where Roy Thomas was doing a lot of […]

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Kirby Klassic-FF #75

Picked up a nice copy, about a 6.5-7.0 of Fantastic Four #75.  Part of the classic Lee/Kirby run on FF, which I consider to be the finest in Marvel’s canon, both from sheer creativity and longevity.

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